Since merging with Fiat Chrysler, Stellantis has been playing catch-up when it comes to electrification. On Tuesday the automaker disclosed its electric vehicle roadmap for the next 24 months, confirming when many of its brands will see their first plug-in action.

The company’s former FCA brands in North America are the furthest behind when it comes to electrification. The disclosed product roadmap largely underscores the catch up they are having to play. Some of the former FCA brands, such as Chrysler, have no electrified models coming out anytime over the next two years; others at least have a plug-in hybrid coming.

Let’s start with Dodge. The brand is down to three models today, but the roadmap confirms it will receive a plug-in hybrid model in 2022. Stellantis is not confirming any specifics with the roadmap, but it is likely this will be a plug-in variant of the Durango SUV. Given there is now a plug-in variant of the Jeep Grand Cherokee, this seems like a plausible assumption. The rest of Dodge’s EV’s will not launch until after 2023, confirmed when the brand confirmed plans for an EV muscle car in 2024.

As previously mentioned, the Chrysler brand continues to look rather dire over the next 24 months. There are no new electrified models on the brand’s roadmap through first-half of 2023. This means the recently-previewed Chrysler EV is not as close to production as it may have appeared, which is disappointing.

The Ram brand is in a similar situation. Like Chrysler, it’s electrification roadmap is blank until late 2023. This one isn’t too surprising given Stellantis confirmed earlier its plans to launch a Ram EV pickup in 2024.

Perhaps the biggest headliner in this is the Jeep brand. Stellantis is confirming Jeep’s first EV will show up in the first half of 2023. This model is expected to be a small crossover, perhaps even smaller than the Renegade. This model is expected to borrow its architecture from an upcoming Alfa Romeo model.

Speaking of Alfa Romeo, it has a new plug-in hybrid model launching in 2022. The rest of its EV launches will be post-early 2023. Maserati has a battery-electric model launching in 2022 and a second one in 2023.

Lastly, Stellantis brands that fall under the former PSA Group fare much better over the next 24 months. That comes as no surprise given PSA was further along in their EV plans than Fiat Chrysler.