The battery-electric truck war is quickly becoming the new race to watch in automotive. While automakers such as Rivian and Ford are well beyond the market research phase of building their EV trucks, rival Ram is not. Ram has announced a new platform called ‘Ram Revolution’ to seek broad customer input into the brand’s first EV.

Ram has already drawn its line in the sand when it comes to electrification. The battery-electric Ram will launch in 2024, about a year later than the Chevrolet Silverado EV; two years later than the Ford F-150 Lightning. Ram is attempting to use its tardiness to its advantage with Ram Revolution. The company is hoping it can leapfrog this fiercely competitive segment by gathering feedback and ideas directly from truck buyers.

“The Ram Revolution insider program will provide consumers with unique content and a closer connection with the Ram brand and its EV philosophy,” Ram said in a statement.

It all centers on a new website that serves as a hub for the brand’s efforts. However, it isn’t all virtual. Ram will also host The Ram Real Talk Tour, a series of interactions with truck buyers over the next year. All of these efforts are designed to better understand what truck buyers want from an EV pickup.

It’s worth noting that automakers typically have a host of primary and secondary market research at their fingertips when it comes to product planning. While direct feedback (which is also typically part of new product development) could help them innovate, this feels a little more like a marketing stunt.

Ram has previously stated it plans to electrify most of its lineup by 2030.