An electric muscle car isn’t the only headline out of Stellantis today. The automaker also confirmed electrification plans for its Ram truck brand, which includes a battery-electric Ram 1500 in 2024. While the plans sound grand, there’s no question Ram is going to be late to the EV pickup game.

The announcement, outline by Ram CEO Mike Koval, calls out the first Ram EV will be the Ram 1500. However, Koval also stated that the brand will offer a “fully electrified solution in the majority of [its] segments by the next year, 2025.” This seems like a rapid escalation for a brand that is going to be fairly late to the EV party already. The one reason this could make sense is that Stellantis will have had the Ram brand for pushing five years by 2025. Most new vehicles take about five years to develop. Koval went on to assert that the entire Ram portfolio will offer electrified variants by 2030.

Koval also talked a big game for the Ram EV lineup, saying the Ram 1500 EV will surpass trucks like the Tesla CyberTruck and Ford F-150 Lightning. Unfortunately, the claims were not supported with any amount of product details. One slide did indicate the Ram 1500 EV will offer charging speeds up to 150 kW, which will be considered quite slow by 2024. Ford has already stated the F-150 Lightning will offer a minimum of 150 kW next year.

While it’s great to hear Ram has some solid EV plans, there’s no question they are late to the party. The Ford F-150 Lightning will begin hitting the streets next year. GM has already announced a Chevrolet Silverado EV will see the light of day by the end of 2022. Meanwhile, Rivian is launching its R1T truck later this year. There’s also the CyberTruck, but who knows when Tesla finally begins producing it.