Peugeot is a bit of a black box in the U.S., but in Europe the brand is getting noticed. As a global leader when it comes to electrification, Peugeot is aiming to move upmarket. This move upmarket is getting a visual boost thanks to a new logo and brand strategy.

Newly formed Stellantis has already declared Peugeot and Opel will be the company’s mainstream premium brands. While there is a bit of healthy skepticism around why they need two premium brands, it appears Peugeot will get the most attention. Peugeot has been on the leading edge of battery-electric vehicles, the economics of which have naturally moved the brand up-market.

Stellantis is wanting to keep the momentum going with this rebranding. For the 11th time in Peugeot’s history it is getting a new logo. Oddly, Peugeot is diverting from the trend of having “flat” new logo designs. This one has dimension and a bit of a historical vibe to it. There’s also some new “Peugeot” typeface accompanying the logo.

The new look will start appearing in sales channels immediately, with showrooms getting a premium overhaul with the new brand. The first Peugeot product to wear the new badge will be the next-generation Peugeot 308. The new 308 is slated for reveal on March 18th, so stay tuned.