Despite its large footprint, you won’t find a Jeep badge on the 2022 Jeep Wagoneer. In fact, Jeep has gone out of its way to avoid slapping the Jeep badge in its traditional locations. Instead opting for “Wagoneer” text in most areas a traditional badge would be expected. Jeep is now explaining its reasoning.

Christian Meunier, chief executive officer of the Jeep brand, tells Motor Trend the Jeep badge is unnecessary. Meunier goes on to explain that the styling and the Wagoneer name itself make it so obviously Jeep that the Jeep badge is just not needed. Indeed, the iconic seven-slot grille design and the name are fairly dead-giveaways.

Jeep is also eager to turn Wagoneer into a sub-brand, calling it a “premium extension of the Jeep brand.” Effectively, Jeep aims for Wagoneer to become what Denali has become for the GMC brand. They’re hoping to multiply some of the brand equity behind the Jeep brand with another one. It’s a strategy that makes sense at first pass, but given parent company already has 14 brands to deal with, it’s a bit of a head-scratcher.

Another badge you won’t find on the Wagoneer is the Jeep “Trail Rated” badge. While the Wagoneer offers off-road packages, their size prohibits them from being trail rated for now.