No one is going to classify the new 2022 Jeep Wagoneer as a small vehicle. Coming in longer than a Chevrolet Tahoe, the Wagoneer is already best-in-class when it comes to space. Despite its size, a bigger one is reportedly still in the works.

The Wagoneer has been rumored for years. Throughout all the rumors it was always positioned that Jeep would not only compete with the Tahoe and Expedition, but also the larger Suburban and Expedition Max. So seeing only one length option during last week’s reveal was a bit surprising.

Motor Trend is reporting we just stay patient. Supposedly a longer version of both Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer is still coming. The longer one will obviously add to Wagoneer’s 123-inch wheelbase. The added space will give Wagoneer a proper Suburban competitor and likely feature best-in-class cargo space. MT is states production of the longer version may not commence until 2022.

Despite the report, it’s worth calling out Jeep has not stated anything official on this subject. Frankly, that’s a bit odd since a longer wheelbase version wouldn’t exactly be some intense secret to keep. Given how swiftly Jeep’s new parent company Stellantis is making changes, nothing is sure until it is announced.

The report also speculates a plug-in hybrid variant of the Wagoneer could be on the docket in the mid-future as well.