Even the legendary Jeep Wrangler is not exempt from fuel economy improvements, which are likely to occur in part through the use of a new turbo four-cylinder engine. Citing sources familiar with FCA’s product plans, Automotive News states that the engine–codenamed Hurricane–could produce up to 300 horsepower and feature an aluminum block.

The key for FCA with the Wrangler redesign is to cut weight without sacrificing power, which is essentially the goal for every product program in the industry at this point. There’s been much speculation as to what sort of power the new Wrangler will have when it arrives sometime in 2017, including speculation of a possible diesel model.

Today’s report about the four-cylinder is not entirely new. It has long been known that the Wrangler would gain a 2.0-liter turbo mated to Chrysler’s in-house eight-speed automatic. The new part of the news today is that the engine could churn out 300 horsepower. Given the fact that Alpha Romeo is pulling down 295 pound-feet of torque out of FCA’s 2.0-liter turbo in the new Giulia, the 300 horsepower number is not out the realm of possibility.

Aside from engine speculation, the fundamentals of the Wrangler are not likely to change much. FCA insiders have stated that the overall appearance is very evolutionary and that it will retain a solid-axle suspension setup.