Additional detail regarding the discussion between Jeep and the Cherokee Nation is coming to light. According to a new report, Jeep declined to change the name of the Cherokee. Their position came after proactively reaching out to the Cherokee Nation to arrange a learning event for their employees.

The issue of the Jeep Cherokee name came to light earlier in February. At the time Car And Driver reached out to the Cherokee Nation for comment. At the time Chuck Hoskin Jr., Cherokee Nation principal chief, told Car And Driver they didn’t necessarily appreciate Jeep using the name.

Automotive News reached out to Hoskin recently regarding the matter. Hoskin confirmed Jeep had proactively reached out to the Cherokee Nation. The automaker aimed to schedule some kind of informative event for its employees, but the event never happened. Hoskin also confirms he never gave the company permission to continue using the name.

“I thought it was the right move to drop it,” Hoskin said. “And I think they respectfully declined to take that action. But they also left the door open, I think, for further discussions, and so did we. So I think it was a good discussion in that respect.”

Hoskin added that he does not desire to single out Jeep. His position is that all corporations and cultural icons should avoid using Native American names for commercial gain.