Based upon last year’s Yuntu Concept, the Jeep Commander/Grand Commander have leaked out thanks a submission to the Chinese Government.

The Commander/Grand Commander are based on a lengthened version of the Cherokee, which is already produced by GAC-FCA in China.

The production version follows the concept in terms of design, but does not include some of the pure conceptual elements. The Yuntu name will carry on for its Chinese name.

This will be Jeep’s first vehicle to offer a third row since the original Commander ended production.

The production version will be powered by two versions of the 2.0L. These will make 231 hp and 261 hp respectfully.

It is not yet known what the differences between the Commander and the Grand Commander are exactly. It could be that the Grand Commander is longer, a higher trim level, or both.

As of now, it does not look like the Commander and Grand Commander will make it across the Pacific. Although, one wonders why that is given the current North American love for crossovers and Jeep’s current lack of a vehicle which offers a third row.