A redesigned version of the popular Jeep Grand Cherokee will be revealed later this year. Confirmation of the reveal comes straight from Fiat Chrysler Automobiles design boss Ralph Giles.

In a video regarding 2020 FCA US Drive for Design Contest posted to the automaker’s Facebook page, Giles asserts a “new” Grand Cherokee will be revealed later this year.

“If you go by what makes money for the company it’s hard to ignore the Ram and the Grand Cherokee. They’re our prized profit vehicles. And I love the Grand Cherokee because it has survived so beautifully. It’s getting on now, and we’re about to replace it later this year. We’re going to show the new one,” Giles stated.

News of a new Grand Cherokee is not new. FCA has previously confirmed plans to redesign the SUV, which is known internally as the “WL.” In fact, leaked documents seem to showcase the interior of the 2021 Grand Cherokee.

Despite a fairly high level of information that’s already leaked, the exact underpinnings of the WL Grand Cherokee are not 100 percent known. It is expected Jeep is leveraging the Giorgio architecture that underpins the Alpha Romeo Giulia and Stelvio, which will replace the aging platform the Grand Cherokee is currently build on.

While Giles has confirmed we will see the next Grand Cherokee this year, the timing of the reveal has not been confirmed. It is worth mentioning that this year’s Detroit Auto Show is this summer, so that seems like a plausible guess in terms of venue for the new Jeep’s reveal.