Rumors of a crossover to slot under the Jeep Renegade have been around for awhile. Now that Jeep is owned by Stellantis it sounds like plans for the baby Jeep have solidified. The new tiny ute is expected to be based on a Peugeot architecture and enter production next July.

Automotive News Europe reports the new Jeep will be built on PSA Peugeot’s Compact Modular Platform (CMP). This would mark the first known new Jeep product to leverage French roots since Fiat Chrysler’s merger with PSA. Production of the new Jeep is expected to commence in July 2022 at their factory in Tychy, Poland. Given the Jeep’s PSA roots, it comes as no surprise to hear it will also utilize PSA engines.

Expect the new crossover to be front-wheel-drive by default, but offer a 4×4 drive system that leverages an electric rear axle. Several Peugeot and DS models already leverage this electrified drivetrain, but this will likely be the first Jeep application. A full battery-electric variant of this new Jeep is also expected at some point in the future.

Jeep won’t be the only former-FCA brand to leverage this PSA architecture. Alfa Romeo and Fiat are also slated to get small crossovers on the same architecture. The Alfa Romeo crossover will follow up the Jeep in January 2023, while the Fiat will arrive in July 2023. Both models will be built in Poland with the Jeep as Stellantis leverages economic scale.

One remaining question with these new models is wether or not they will be sold in the U.S. At this point it isn’t clear, but these three mini crossovers sound like models targeted more for Europe than North America. Though as emissions standards tighten, models like these may be helpful stateside as well.

Given the start of production date on the Jeep, expect to see it officially revealed sometime in the coming months.