The vehicle that brought the Fiat brand back to the United States is now leaving. Fiat Chrysler has released details regarding their 2020 product lineup, which omit the little 500, leading to reports 2019 will be the last model year for the Fiat 500 in the U.S.

Specifically, it appears the 500 hatchback, Cabrio, electric and Arbath variants are all dead for 2020, according to a report from AutoBlog. The 500’s death will leave only the 500X, 500L and 124 Spider as the brand’s only models in the U.S.

The move is a bit baffling. From a form-factor perspective the 500’s small stature is certainly not popular in today’s utility-focused market, but it isn’t the brand’s worst-selling model either. In fact, the other variants of the 500 sell in smaller volumes than the hatchback.

Details surrounding a next-generation Fiat 500 have not been disclosed. Rumors FCA is working on a new 500 have bubbled up from time to time, but nothing concrete has leaked out just yet. Until it does, it appears the Fiat 500 is done for in the U.S.