According to a report out of Automotive News today, the next-generation Dodge Charger won’t appear until sometime after 2020. The report means that the LX based Charger, launched in 2006, is going to have quite a long lifespan and one FCA insider claims that the car will get another styling refresh around 2019.

Once FCA does launch the new Charger, it is expected to move to the Alfa Romeo Giulia’s rear-wheel-drive platform. This shift to a modern underpinning will likely shrink the overall size of the Charger and allow it to shed some serious weight in the process. Hard details on the car are largely non-existent at this time, however FCA supposedly showed dealers a rendering of the next-generation Charger, which was described as similar to the 1999 Charger concept car the company showed.

Additionally, transitioning the car to the Alfa platform will enable some new engine options. One such option is allegedly the rumored twin-turbo “Hurricane” four-cylinder that is being developed for the 2018 Jeep Wrangler.

Nonetheless, Charger fans may have to remain patient. It sounds like the LX car will be hanging around for awhile longer.