One automaker lagging when it comes to electrification in the U.S. is Stellantis. The new parent company of brands like Jeep and Ram is rolling out their electrification plans today, which includes a new EV muscle car from Dodge.

Stellantis said Thursday the Dodge brand will launch the “world’s first” battery-electric muscle car in 2024. Of course, the company isn’t disclosing any specifics at this time. The announcement itself was a bit awkward, with Dodge CEO Tim Kuniskis asserting Dodge will not just “sell electric cars.”

The announcement then takes a hard pivot, with Kuniskis saying, “If a charger can make a Charger faster, then we’re all for it.”

Dodge then flashed several shadowy teasers of its future EV muscle car (above). Though we did note that there was a disclaimer on the screen that said the shadowy car was a “concept vehicle.” Nonetheless, the design of this EV looks extremely retro, which is sort of on-brand for Dodge.

Effectively, the executive was trying to assure Dodge loyalists that the brand isn’t going to make efficiency-focused EV’s like mainstream brands. Instead Dodge intends to use electrification as a means for enhancing performance, acknowledging that engineers are hitting the limit of what they can do with internal combustion engines.

Today’s announcement of the first Dodge electric vehicle is part of a broader EV announcement from Stellantis. The automaker announced it intends to invest about $35 billion in electrification and software between now and 2025 as it transitions its 14 brands to electric.