Stellantis outlined its electrification plans earlier this year. During that announcement the company teased a Dodge electric muscle car that’s slated for 2024. Well, now the company is saying a concept version will appear next year. Subsequently, some of the brand’s popular gas models will be axed by 2024.

Dodge CEO Tim Kuniskis recently spoke with Motor Authority. During this conversation Kuniskis confirmed plans to display a working concept of the muscle car sometime in 2022. The executive did not offer further details, but we do know the muscle car is slated to be built on the STLA Large architecture, which can leverage batteries ranging from 101 to 118 kWh. Stellantis also has electric motors with up to 402 horsepower, which isn’t to say they cannot be combined for even more power.

Kuniskis also confirmed Dodge will reveal two other models in 2022. At least one of them will be a new plug-in hybrid model, which was described as a “new” model. It has been speculated that the Dodge Durango would ultimately gain the same plug-in hybrid powertrain leveraged by the Jeep Grand Cherokee, but his “new” concept implies we’ll see something different. The third model was not discussed in any detail at all.

Another headliner from Kuniskis is his confirmation that the Charger and Challenger as we know them today will be out of production by 2024. This coincides with earlier reports that Stellantis will end production of the long-running LX cars in 2023.