Most of the buying public probably doesn’t even realize the Chrysler brand still exists. It’s one of the most neglected brands in the entire industry, which is something Stellantis is hoping to fix. The company has previewed a new Chrysler EV concept as part of its EV Day on Thursday. This concept gives us hope for Chrysler’s future.

Stellantis opted to have the concept revealed by Chief Design Officer Ralph Gilles. The selection of Gilles alone tells us something about this future Chrysler product: it’s focused on great design. Indeed, the teaser views offered of this EV suggest Chrysler has a very good looking EV coming. It’s not entirely new either; the core design here is very similar to the AirFlow Concept that was shown in January 2020.

Based on Stellantis’ STLA Large EV architecture, this crossover-looking vehicle has dramatic proportions. There’s a floating roof and slim LED headlights that integrates into a faux grille. Inside the concept offers a ton of screens and a clean, modern design that we aren’t used to seeing from Chrysler.

Chrysler may be calling this vehicle a concept, but by all accounts it looks fairly production-ready. Sadly, Stellantis isn’t offering up any estimated time to production just yet. They also aren’t offering any specifications yet, but the fact it’s on STLA Large tells us a few things. This architecture is designed for midsize and large vehicles, with lengths ranging 185 to 212.6 inches. Subsequently, vehicles on this architecture will see battery capacities of 101 to 118 kWh. Basically, this is going to be a big vehicle; not unlike the original AirFlow from the 1930’s.

When this vehicle does show up it is going to give Chrysler new life. The brand currently offers three models: two minivans and the aging 300 sedan. Considering crossovers and SUVs are the name of the game today, Chrysler is in dire need of this EV.