Fiat Chrysler will reveal an all-new concept car at this year’s CES Show in Las Vegas. Dubbed the Chrysler Airflow Vision Concept, this vehicle is allegedly offering up a preview of what Fiat Chrysler interiors will look like in the near future.

What’s interesting here is FCA’s name choice for this concept. The original Chrysler Airflow from the 1930’s was a remarkably innovative car; the first to use a unibody frame and other technical advances.

In this case, it appears the headline of the Airflow Vision Concept is the interior. FCA says this multi-screen interior is previewing the future of its interiors. Those screens house a new iteration of FCA’s infotainment software, which FCA says is going to be highly customizable with the ability of users to swipe information from one screen to another for simplicity.

Additionally, the Airflow is using the floorplan from the Pacifica Hybrid. This layout is optimizing personal and storage space. Passengers are also wrapped in a customizable LED lighting system that FCA says is certainly part of its future production vehicles.

On the outside, the Airflow Vision has a fairly typical SUV-like shape to it. Despite the familiar shape, the overall design theme is a departure from other Chrysler products and concepts; which could serve as a leading indicator that Chrysler is going to be revived under a new design theme in the near future.

It’s probably worth underscoring that this concept has the Chrysler badge on it. FCA has given Chrysler little in terms of resources in recent years, so the fact they are showing the brand some love with this concept is noteworthy.

Expect future details on the Chrysler Airflow Vision Concept next week out of CES.