Stellantis says it will increase investments into the Alfa Romeo and Lancia brands. News of the increased focus on its Italian premium brands came directly from Stellantis Chairman John Elkann.

Elkann was asked about the company’s future in Turin, Italy during a recent Italian interview. Reuters reports the former FCA executive answered by disclosing Stellantis’ increased investment level into the Alfa Romeo and Lancia brands. Elkann also stated the company intends to stay in its Italian hometown.

“We’ve seen it clearly with some brands like Alfa Romeo and Lancia, on which we could not invest or give resources as much as we wanted in recent years,” stated Elkann.

Elkann’s comments align with other recent news surrounding the Alfa Romeo brand. Stellantis recently confirmed it axed plans to revive the Peugeot brand in the U.S., instead opting to invest more into Alfa Romeo. The company even reassigned the executive spearheading Peugeot’s revival to lead Alfa Romeo.

Stellantis is forming an investment pool with its premium brands, which includes Alfa Romeo, Lancia and DS. These three brands will have a coordinated approach to the global premium market.