Alfa Romeo is contemplating dusting off the GTV name. Only this time the revived coupe will likely be electrified.

According to AutoCar Alfa hasn’t given a revived GTV the green light for production yet. Instead, leadership is examining multiple proposals from product teams. At least one such proposal is a retro-styled GTV. Regardless of the chosen styling path, insiders say the car will be electrified. Both hybrid and all-electric versions have been discussed, which comes as little surprise given Alfa’s recent strategy pivot.

New Alfa boss Jean-Philippe Imparato has expressed interest in reviving the GTV name in the past. Imparato has been undertaking a heavy revamp of Alfa’s future product roadmap. The overhaul is so extensive that by 2025 the upcoming Tonale will be the only model still built on a legacy FCA architecture. All future Alfa models will ride on one of Stellantis’ new global architectures.

This isn’t the first time the GTV has been considered. When FCA still owned Alfa Romeo there were plans to churn out a two-door version of the Guilia and call it the GTV. That plan was ultimately scrapped.