The internet needs another automotive blog, right? No, actually that’s the last thing this industry needs. For nearly two years AutoVerdict has been under development; going from a concept a few car guys had in their heads to a fully-functioning (well, mostly) website. It has taken years to develop because the concept is something new and required an extensive amount of custom coding to bring the vision to life.

Typically, when you visit an automotive enthusiast site they try to have all of their own content, written exclusively by their own writers. The goal and underlying business model is to keep as much traffic in-house as possible. The higher the page-view count, the higher the ad revenue. We’re not knocking the concept, but it’s a bit tired at this point.

Here we’re trying something different. Instead of pushing out content, AutoVerdict is a collaborative space. If there’s cool automotive content out there you want to talk about, link to it – we’ll gladly send traffic away to other sites. At our core, we’re car nerds who want to read content from a variety of sources and a diverse set of perspectives… that cannot be found on a singular website.

The foundation of our strategy is housed within the construct of the website itself. After years of experience in the automotive forum world, we’ve painstakingly converged hard-coded content with discussion forums. This creates a cleaner user experience, while still giving enthusiasts a forum community to call home. The front end of the site is designed to appeal to those seeking automotive data – the casual user, while the back end is for those of us that have gasoline in our veins.

A few more of our unique features:

  • Reviews
    With a name like AutoVERDICT, clearly we have to have product reviews. We’re taking a unique approach to this as well. Our own staff will write vehicle reviews based on our reviewing philosophy. Additionally, we’re giving all readers the opportunity to write a review on any vehicle as well, which will be linked to right from our review page.
  • Data
    Those of us behind this project are shamelessly nerdy… we like data. You’re going to find a lot of statistics, facts and figures around the site. For example, all brand specific news pages include a rundown of the OEM (founding date, website, etc.). If you’re the analytical type, you’ll definitely take solace here.
  • Sales
    We have decades of vehicle sales data from around the globe. More to come on this.

Of course there’s plenty more, but those are a few of the high points. For now, the site is in a “read only” mode as part of beta testing. Be among the first to know when we open up registration by subscribing to our newsletter here. You can also reserve your username when filling out the form at the link, which we will make a best effort to accommodate.

Lastly, we welcome you to AutoVerdict and thank you for stopping by!