There’s undoubtedly an underlying vision behind AutoVerdict, which has been referenced several times since we launched. However, we also explicitly said that any good strategy has some flexibility in it. Based on feedback from our readers, we have added some new features to the site to enhance the forum side of AutoVerdict.

New Discussion Forums 

Based on forum member feedback, we’ve added a new “Member Discussion” section to the forum. This section includes seven forums in which all members may start new threads. This area is designed for members to post automotive content and discussions that may not necessarily fit the mold of being “news.”

Suggested Reading Forum 

Within the new “Member Discussion” section is a new forum called “Suggested Reading.” This forum is very narrowly focused for members to post new threads with syndicated automotive news that we may not have covered. All users can post new threads in this forum. When clicking “New Thread” you will be directed to a form to fill out so that all news content is formatted correctly. This standardization makes for easier reading for users and cuts down on moderator work.


We’ve received some feedback the that color scheme of the forums is difficult to read on certain displays. We are in the process of tweaking the color scheme of the forum and are working with some members to find the right color mix. More to come on this issue in the next week.

On behalf of all of us on AutoVerdict, we want to thank you for the feedback and helping us perfect the site as it grows.