As we continue on with the launch of our new site here, we want to continue to release more details of the strategy behind it. A lot of thought has gone into AV, including multiple years (yes, years) of planning and developing. There’s been many hours on conference calls hashing out ideas, reconciling differences and all those other stereotypical start-up things. Essentially AV is pairing up its founders’ background in automotive forums with a new strategy for content.

The whole concept of an automotive forum is hardly a new one. Frankly, automotive enthusiast forums could (and should) be considered one of the earliest forms of social media on the web. In the automotive context, forums work really well to converse and share ideas; the platform itself has proven to survive trends. However the space has really lacked innovation and consistency.

In an effort to fix that, we’ve funneling nearly all content through the front-end of the website (the “homepage” if you will). This allows us to converge user-generated content and our own in-house content into one space. It also reduces the workflow processes associated with the forum side of the system, which is a win for anyone who served on the staff at other forums I’ve been involved in.

Some may call this “gate-keeping” and we respect that opinion. We’re not at all interested in stifling content, but rather low-quality. This technical and process feat is allowing AV to formalize the forum world and giving contributors a real platform for their content. It’s keeping the focus on the news, features and user content that we know our target audience is after. For this reason, the “free for all” forum approach is not one we’re taking here at AV.

With that said, we have a few different positions here on the site that we will deploy in the coming months:

Moderators – There’s nothing really new here. We will have forum moderators just like every automotive enthusiast forum.

Contributors – These folks have access to the publishing portion of AV. They can write their own content for our blogs section (which of course publishes automatically to the forum) as well as suggest news content.

Writers – As the site evolves and grows, we anticipate continually increasing the amount of unique content. As this occurs we will be adding staff writers who’s mission in life is to write news and feature content.

Editors – This team ultimately has the power to publish. When Contributors or Writers submit content, it must be approved by someone of this group before it is published to the site. This strategy is fairly typical in the journalism world.

Like any good strategy, this one is designed with some flexibility. We appreciate everyone’s feedback and look forward to seeing how the site evolves going forward. Thanks!