We’re excited to announce a new feature available to AutoVerdict readers. Dubbed “Blogosphere,” this page gives you a one-page glance at everything that is going on within the automotive news realm. It shows news content from multiple sources (not just us) around the globe, organized in the order in which they’re published.

Blogosphere works by curating content from social media feeds. We only pull from official social media channels in an effort to keep the Blogosphere feed strictly to legitimate content. All of the content is displayed in “cards” that you can click for more detail and an expanded view, or simply click the link to head over to the news outlet’s website to read the full news story.

Please note that Blogosphere is still in “beta” so there may be some quirks to it. Over time we look forward to adding additional functionality to it and welcome your feedback. Blogosphere can be accessed by clicking here.

This is the first of several new features we have planned for the site. Each new feature will support and perpetuate the original strategy in which AutoVerdict was founded: to be a hub for automotive news, data and views. Being a hub means we’re not afraid to link you away from the site when the content that interests you can be found somewhere else.