Continuing our reporting of the world’s best selling models in 2015, we give you the best selling subcompact car – the VW Polo V/Vento(World).

The vehicle sold 727,921 units globally through the year. The Polo or Vento is one of the best selling vehicles in many markets including Europe, China, and Mexico. The Vento name is specially used for sedan models of the vehicle.

Another aspect leading to its reign as the best selling subcompact car is production in India, which allows exports to many African and Asian markets.

The totals do not include the Polo IV, which is still made in South Africa and sold throughout the region. Sales also do not include the Vento which is sold in Argentina as it is the Jetta/Sagitar.

The nearest competitor to the VW Polo/Vento was the Hyundai Accent, Verna IV/Solaris/Grand Avega, Pony/i25, which sold 606,533 units according to our figures.

Thanks to Matt at for adding markets to the total.