Is there really any surprise with this one? Other then a few years in the past two decades when the Ford Focus temporally took the crown, the Toyota Corolla has been the best selling compact car and overall vehicle and the same remained in 2015.

The Corolla XI/Levin sold less then 1,291,267 units in 2015 according to our tabulations. The “Levin” nameplate is used in China.

With the Corolla, there is always confusion as to what vehicles are included since many different vehicles have worn the nameplate at the same time. Lets start out with what is not included. Sales do not include the JDM Corolla, which shares no relation to the global model, or Corolla Rumion, which is a rebadge of the Scion xB. It also does not include the ninth generation Corolla, which is still built and sold in China.

Sales do partially include the tenth generation Corolla, which can not be fully separated due to the sales combination in South Africa. Sales of the Auris are also partially included in the figure due to the combination for South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand.

Even if those were to be taken out, the second closest compact car would still not come close. This was the VW Golf, which sold 949,689 units.

The Corolla remains the best selling compact car due to its holding of that title in many markets. In markets where it is not the best, it is at least within the top three. Its major markets include the United States and China.

Thanks to Matt at for adding markets to the list.