In what must come as no surprise to most, the Ford Mustang was the best selling sports car globally in 2015. The pony car sold 146,115 units during the year.

There are many reasons why the Mustang took over the Chevy Camaro for the title. The newest generation of the Mustang was recently released, the Chevy Camaro switched over to its sixth generation, and the Mustang was launched globally.

The Mustang was the best selling sports car is every market which it already had a presence in. In addition to that, as mentioned before, the Mustang was launched in new markets overseas. These markets included Europe, China, and Australia. The expansion of markets will continue into 2016 with India, South Africa, among others. This will most likely allow the Mustang to continue its reign into this year.

To show relation, the Chevy Camaro and Dodge Challenger sold 83,066 and 71,196 units respectively in 2015.

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