We are finally getting into the “real trucks” area and there is really no surprise here. The Toyota Hilux, long more of a compact truck is now a true midsize truck, and has been one of the best selling trucks globally for decades. The Hilux sold 560,382 units globally in 2015.

The Hilux is either the best selling truck or within the top three in sales of pickups in almost every market it operates within. It is typically the best seller in Australia, many southeast Asian nations, all Middle East markets, and many African and European markets. It is truly remarkable the dominance it holds throughout the world without having a share of either the United States or Canadian markets, where Toyota sells the Tacoma is its absence.

2015 was the first full year that the eighth generation being on sell, though many markets switched during the year. One has to wonder if it would be the best selling truck outright globally if it and the Tacoma were merged into one vehicle.

The second best selling midsize truck in 2015 was the Isuzu D-Max/KB/T-Series, which was far behind with only 219,987 units. The Isuzu is also sold through General Motors as the Chevy Colorado/S-10/D-Max/T-Series, GMC Canyon, and Holden Colorado in various global markets, which undoubtably hurts its sales.