Continuing our best selling vehicle segments theme, we move to the midsize car category. In what amounts to what would be a statistical tie, three vehicles vie for the position.

The three vehicles are what you might suspect: the Ford Fusion/Mondeo IV, Honda Accord(World), and Toyota Camry(NA):

Ford Fusion/Mondeo IV < 544,253

Honda Accord(World) – 543,452

Toyota Camry(NA) > 543,172

All three score within 1,100 units of one another. In addition to that, the Fusion/Mondeo’s sales are slightly enlarged from the third generation Mondeo, which was still sold in Russia at the beginning of the year. The North American Camry also sells in some markets that the World Camry sells within. These include some Southeast Asian markets. It is rather impossible to tell which of the three is the best seller.

The Camry’s figures do not include such markets as China and Russia, where the world model sells exclusively. However, the Accord and Fusion/Mondeo do. The Euro Accord, which recently ended production, replaces the World Accord in Europe. The Fusion/Mondeo is the only one of the three that sells globally.

The largest market for all three is the United States.

Thanks to Matt at for adding markets.