If there is any segment sales title leader that you should not be surprised by its this one. The best selling vehicle in the United States and Canada and the best selling full-size truck in 2015 was the Ford F-Series. The decades-long leader sold 921,785 units during the year, mostly in North America.

Not only was the best selling truck in its segment, it outsold its competitors by a long shot. The Chevy Silverado/Cheyenne sold 669,532 units in 2015, while the Ram 1500-5500 sold 556,338 units. The GMC Sierra sold 288,458 units as well.

However, for the first time in the past three years, the GM twins outsold the F-Series combined with 957,990 units.

The F-Series is already assured to hold the full-size truck title again in 2016 and is also more likely than not to sell over 1,000,000 units for the first time since 2005.

F-Series sales in 2016 will be boosted by cheap gas prices in North America, the introduction of the second generation Raptor, and the introduction of the all-new Super Duty. Ford is adding production to Avon Lake, Ohio to produce the newest Super Duty, which will allow the F-Series to increase production to six plants globally. These plants include limited CKD production in the depression-hit market of Venezuela and full scale production in the recession-hit markets of Brazil and Argentina.

In the ‘why do they even bother’ sales list, Toyota sold 130,390 units of the Tundra while Nissan sold a minuscule 16,352 units of the Titan in 2015.

Altogether, the Ford F-Series held a market share of 35.69-percent in the full-size truck market for 2015.

It should also be noted that the Ford Transit was also the best selling full-size utility van for 2015 with over 303,867 units.

Thanks to Matt at BestSellingCarsBlog.com for adding markets to the tabulations.