We now to come to one of the largest, and one of the fastest growing, segments on the planet, the compact utility vehicle. The best selling vehicle in this segment for 2015 was the Nissan Rogue/X-Trail, which sold 709,722 units.

The Rogue/X-Trail was also the best selling vehicle from the Renault-Nissan Alliance.

The perennial winner, the Honda CR-V, lost to the Nissan due to several reasons. First, the merger of the two vehicles in their newest generation. Two years ago, the Rogue and X-Trail were different vehicles and neither were near the top. Second, sales in almost every market have increased due to the new generation. In particular, sales in the United States and Canada have exploded.

The second best selling compact utility vehicle was the Honda CR-V with 695,473. Expect the positions of compact utility vehicles to switch very often due to the expansion of the segment. Compact CUVs now take three position within the global Top Ten best sellers with the Toyota Rav4 IV also making it in at #10 with 656,845 units.

Thanks to Matt at BestSellingCarsBlog.com for adding markets to the tabulation.