Our sales segment analysis will now switch to trucks, which to help simplification will include utility vans since many trucks are also sold as vans and many vans are sold as cutaways as well.

To start us off, the best selling city/kei truck was the Suzuki Carry VII, which is also sold as the Bolan, Omni, and Ravi in various countries. Interestingly, it outsells the newest generation of the Carry, the eleventh generation, which is sold in Japan. The seventh generation has been sold since 1979! The city/kei truck sold 211,072 units in 2015.

The vehicle is produced mainly for India and other Asian nations where older vehicles can still sell very well.

The Carry VII allows Suzuki to complete its sweep all of city/kei sized vehicles globally after the Swift and Wagon R were the best selling car and utility.

Thanks to Matt at BestSellingCarsBlog.com for adding markets to the tabulations.