Though we might have switched to AV, our mission to present you global sales for all nameplates of all automakers in continuing. Whereas we used to just give you the whole list for you to find what you to find the model, we are going to show the best selling vehicle in many segments to give you a heads up of where many models will lie.

First, the best selling city/kei car. This title, as in years past, belongs to the Suzuki Swift VI/Swift Dzire. This vehicle sold 592,913 units according to our sales tabulations.

The Swift should mostly thank India for this title. The city car is by far the best selling vehicle overall in the world’s second biggest nation by population. The Swift sold over 442,000 units in India alone. The remaining sales came from various export markets, Europe, and Japan.

Sales do not include that of the Swift V, which is still made and sold in Pakistan and China.

The next nearest competitor to the Swift was the Hyundai i10/City/Xcent/Grand City, which sold 373,848 units globally in 2015. In other words, the Swift outsold its nearest competitor with Indian sales alone!

Thanks to Matt at for helping adding sales figures.