The much-anticipated Rivian R1T is nearing launch. As such, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has finally released official efficiency data on the first two Rivian models to hit the market. Both models are performing better than expected.

The EPA says the 2022 Rivian R1T Launch Edition will go up to 314 miles on a full charge. Subsequently, the 2022 Rivian R1S Launch Edition will go up to 316 miles on a charge. Both numbers are slightly higher than Rivian’s original estimate of around 300 miles of range for each model. The R1T and R1S are also rated at 60 and 69 eMPG, respectively. Their eMPG rating indicates they are not the most efficient EV’s on the market, but that isn’t a huge shock given their size, weight and boxy bodies.

It is important to note that these EPA figures are only for the Launch Edition models with 21-inch wheels. The Launch Edition trim is short-lived and has been sold-out. Rivian plans to rollout additional trim levels of both models over the next year, including plans for a larger-capacity battery version that will go up to 400 miles on a charge. Rivian is also planning a lower trim level that will offer about 250 miles.

Rivian is also disclosing the impact of other wheel options on the EPA’s range figures.

“From the hottest places to the coldest — from 130ºF to -25ºF — our battery system was built to explore, delivering an EPA estimated 314 miles of range when paired with 21″ wheels. For 20″ wheels, our estimates show a range reduction of 10-15%, with a 5-10% reduction for 22″ wheels. Estimates may vary depending on driving style and conditions,” Rivian stated in a press release.

Initial copies of the 2022 R1T should be arriving to customers in the coming weeks.