Nissan hasn’t been garnering positive headlines lately as it undergoes a restructuring, but it’s hoping to change the narrative with a classic. The Japanese automaker has confirmed plans to preview its new Z Car on September 15th with what it calls the Z Proto. 

It was already known that Nissan is working on a revamped Z car thanks to the company spilling much of its future product plans to boost investor confidence. Before you get the checkbook out ready to write a check for this new Z car on the 15th, just take note of the “Proto” part of its name. Yeah, this isn’t going to be the production Z car. “Proto” stands for prototype. 

Supposedly the new Z car isn’t going to launch until late 2022, meaning there’s still a long wait for this redesigned icon. Word has it the new car won’t be entirely new, sharing its architecture with today’s 370Z. Expect the carryover architecture to house a 400 horsepower twin-turbocharged 3.0-liter V-6 paired to a six-speed manual or nine-speed auto gearbox. 

While the 15th won’t spawn a showroom-ready Z car, it will likely be a solid indicator of the production car’s design theme. So while it won’t be time to get the checkbook out, it may raise some hairs if you’re a Z fan.