Rumbles from the Land of the Rising Sun indicate that Nissan will answer the cry for a NISMO version of its long-heralded 400Z to roll out just behind the standard Z.

According to Best Car, the NISMO version could well provide a race-only car to compete against the Supra GT4. While details are few, Best Car claims the NISMO variant could put out more than the standard Z’s 400 horsepower. The engine, sourced from the Infiniti Q50 and Q60 Red Sport 400, but linked a to six-speed manual in this configuration, has not undergone any modifications since it emerged in 2016. Twenty-inch wheels are rumored to be standard on the NISMO version, not 19s.

Squeezing out more power would follow the NISMO modus operandi of being able to outpower the regular version: when the 370Z debuted in 2009, the NISMO variant put out 350 hp versus the base car’s 337.

Perhaps the most interesting part is a possible track-only 400Z, clad in white with no interior, giving race car builders a clean slate. These non-street legal versions are built to meet global GT4 rules. As a reference point, the Supra GT4 is $205,000.

Best Car also reports that the new Z will represent Nissan’s new face in the Super GT race series. Since 2008, the GT-R has been engaged in race combat against the Honda NS-X, Lexus’ RC F and the Supra. That changes for 2022.

The seventh-generation Z-car will be revealed Aug. 17 in New York, after its Japanese unveiling in Tokyo this autumn was cancelled due to the pandemic. The NISMO reveal, however, will happen first in Japan, at the 2022 Tokyo Auto Salon, while the standard Z-car goes on sale in March.