Nissan decided to unveil their top dog this year at the New York International Auto Show. The “all-new” 2017 Nissan GTR. The GTR received its most noticeable body redesign since the R35 model was released. It has a noticeably more aggressive front fascia and, to much the design team’s credit, a much more supercar look than ever before.

The front bumper is the most noticeably different body panel with the grille increasing in size considerably over years prior. The front fenders are also notably shapelier. The headlights also joined the ranks of many of today’s vehicles with an LED redesign. Although minimal, the new lights add some sleek styling to the face. The GTR is finally starting to look like the school yard bully that is really is. Thanks to the improved body lines and carbon fiber side moldings the GTR appears lower and wider than ever before.

When you open up the door and take a look at the interior you begin to kind of wonder how this is a $100,000 dollar car. The interior is much improved over previous years, but not the same quality that you see from other cars at this price point. Nissan also ditched all the cool switches on the center stack for a more mundane appearance.

GTR engineers managed to churn around in the ECU and find an additional 20 horsepower thanks to more boost from the little 3.8-liter V-6’s twin turbos bumping numbers up to 565 horsepower and 467 pound-feet of torque. When you open the hood you realize what this car really is: a race car tailored for the street. Upon first glance you notice a large blow-off-valve on each charge pipe, at that point it is clear that the GTR means business. All things considered the performance that you get from this car is unrivaled at this price point. The GTR proceeded to take more of the driving away from the driver this go around, though, by enhancing its active handling management system.

All being said the GTR looks great and they managed to improve on an already seriously impressive car. It’s no doubt that we will see some more puppy kicking from the GTR on the track thanks to it’s newest features. We look forward to seeing the “R36” GTR which is expected to find its way into showrooms by 2020. For now, we will enjoy the GTR and its subtle, yet effective changes.

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