Battery-powered pickups are one of the hottest subjects in automotive right now. Nissan may want to join the battery-electric pickup game too. Only, their entry into the EV pickup space may take on a different form than the ones planned by rivals.

A new report from Automotive News suggests Nissan’s battery-electric pickup could be a compact model. Citing unnamed sources, the report suggests Nissan wants to rival the likes of the Hyundai Santa Cruz and upcoming Ford Maverick. Only their rival with be a pure EV instead of a hybrid like the Maverick. Think of this truck as one that would slot under the Nissan Frontier in terms of size.

This would be a different strategy versus most other OEMs. Ford, GM, Tesla and Ram are all planning battery-electric full-size pickups. Such a move could be genius on Nissan’s part since there aren’t many entrants into the new compact truck segment. That said, an EV full-size truck almost feels like it is becoming a table-stakes item for the U.S. market.

It’s worth pointing out Nissan has plenty of experience in both EV’s and small pickups. The Nissan Leaf EV is one of the first to hit the market back in 2010. Meanwhile, Nissan has a ton of small pickup experience by way of Datsun and through some global models. This strategy could be a move to merge two of the company’s inherent strengths.

Nissan has already said it plans to electrify most of its lineup by next decade, so the automaker’s EV strategy is robust. Given the vagueness of this report, it is anyone’s guess as to the timing of such a model. It also isn’t clear at this time if Nissan leadership have given this compact EV pickup the greenlight for production just yet.