The current Nissan 370Z has been gracing Nissan showrooms since 2009 with minimal updates. What was originally a homage to the Datsun 240Z has become an outdated sports coupe, but Nissan is apparently going to address this issue in 2020.

According to MotorTrend, Nissan is planning to rollout a new Z Car next year. This news comes after the publication visited with one of the company’s executives at the recent Tokyo Motor Show.

“We are not forgetting about Z,” Ivan Espinosa, corporate vice president of global and Japan product planning, tells MotorTrend in an interview at the Tokyo Motor Show. “It is one of our emblematic cars.”

Nissan has already dropped the roadster version of the 370Z for the 2020 model year, leaving just the coupe version. Espinosa hinted to MotorTrend the company sees higher global demand for a coupe version than it does for a convertible, which makes a strong implication the next Z Car will be coupe-only.

Speaking of the next Z, rumors point to the car being named the 400Z. Such a nameplate would imply the displacement of the car’s V-6 will be increased to 4.0 from today’s 3.7-liter. Despite the rumors, Espinosa and other Nissan executives remain coy about the name or powertrain of the car. Espinosa was willing confirm that the final design of the new Z is still not completely locked in, though.

Given the car’s design isn’t even fully locked, it’s unlikely we’ll see production of a new Z commence next year. It sounds more likely that Nissan will either show a concept version of debut the production car later in 2020.