Nissan is gearing up for the reveal of the Z Proto on Sept. 16th. Of course, the brand continues to dole out teasers of the upcoming prototype Z car. Today’s teaser is a quick video showcasing every generation of Nissan Z car and flashes some comparisons between the prototype and its forebears.

After showing every generation of Z car, the video quickly pivots to show a detail shot of the original 240Z’s headlight and morph over the prototype’s headlight. The video goes through the same motions by comparing the taillights of the Z32 with those of the upcoming car. Both quick nods to the legacy cars lamps and a recent teaser of the prototype’s silhouette validate the new 400Z will borrow heavily from Z cars of the past.

More specifically, it’s starting to look like Nissan is drawing heavily from the original 240Z design and the Z32 from the 1980’s. It’s an interesting mix from a design perspective and should tug at the hearts of the very loyal Nissan Z car fans out there.

What will also tug at hearts is an apparent manual transmission option. Today’s teaser closes by showing a hand reaching for a gear selector and it isn’t a grip one would take on an automatic transmission selector.

Riding on the same architecture as today’s 370Z, the redesigned 400Z is expected to be the first of a host of new Nissan products that will borrow from the brand’s past.