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Nissan: The Z-Car Isn't Dead Yet

Nissan: The Z-Car Isn't Dead Yet

Nissan says its iconic 370Z sports car isn’t dead yet. This comment comes on the heels of rumors that the Japanese automaker is ultimately going to kill its sole, affordable sports coupe.

“The Z is a difficult market,” said Nissan’s chief planning officer, Philippe Klein to Automotive News. “It is rather shrinking worldwide. But we still believe there is a place for the Z and we want to keep it alive, and that’s what we’re working on.”

Klein, who spoke to the publication during the Detroit Auto Show, was cryptic in his language. Reading between the lines of his comments, it sounds like the company has a near-term solution to refresh the 370Z in some capacity. The current car dates back to 2009, but has seen several minor revisions since launch.

Where things get fuzzy for the Z-car is in the long term. Klein acknowledges that the business case on a longer-term is more challenging due to consumer shift to crossovers and SUVs. In fact, he vaguely implied the car’s future in the long term is uncertain at this time.

Long term uncertainty may be where recent press reports regarding the Z’s demise originate. Reports suggested at the time that Nissan does not have a planned replacement for the 370Z, which may indeed still be true.

Nonetheless, apparently a short term fix for the aging Z is in the works.


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  1. Tone

    I do love the Alpine and all the reviews point to a wonderful, back-to-basics sports car. But, it isn't really keeping with the whole Z tradition (front-engine, long hood) as it's a mid-engined car. Would people accept it as a Z or would Nissan be smarter to develop a sports car off this platform, but give it it's own identity? I tend to lead towards the latter.
    As long as they don't turn it into a 2 door crossover
    Solution: Save money by sharing costs with a future Alpine model.


    you give me Hope ...I've always hated this generation of Z's
    Nissan should get in on the Fiat/Mazda deal and add a coupe to the Miata platform. They could use their own drivelines as Fiat does -- if Flyin' Miata can sqeeze an LS motor in, perhaps even a Nissan V6 will fit. The alterntive -- another cut-down sedan/CUV platform will still probably be tough from a business point of view and is always a compromise from a weight and dynamics point of view.
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