Nissan has issued up a vague teaser previewing a new SUV it will reveal this week. The company is being hush-hush about it, leaving us to speculate that it may in fact be the Nissan Kicks for the U.S. market.

The teaser is simply the side profile of the new SUV, which shows us it is compact in size and has a roofline that has an uncanny similarity to the new Kicks. The Kicks is already offered in select global markets, and Nissan has expressed a desire to launch it in the U.S. given consumers’ aggressive appetite for crossovers and SUVs.

Nonetheless, the mystery Nissan SUV will be revealed tomorrow in LA. The only confirmation Nissan has provided is that it will also reveal another Star Wars themed SUV as part of its partnership with the space thriller franchise.

It is worth noting that Nissan is already offering a Star Wars themed Kicks in global markets, further perpetuating the speculation that the Kicks is under the sheet.