One of the most anticipated new cars of Nissan’s product onslaught is the revamped Z Car. While the new Z has been previewed with the Z Proto showcar, the real deal has yet to be revealed. Well, as often happens, the production car appears to have leaked out online.

Enthusiast website 400ZClub has acquired photos of the 400Z from what it says is Nissan’s Tochigi factory. The photos show two different 400Z cars, one in a dark grey and one in an iconic silver hue. Collectively, the two cars validate assumptions that the production 400Z will look nearly identical to the Z Proto.

Despite the very similar exterior appearance, there are some minor changes. The grille of the production car has been toned down a bit, with the upper grille finished in chrome instead of black. Aside from that minor change, the exterior is largely unchanged from the concept. The silver car even features a blacked out roof just like the Z Proto.

Inside the production 400Z also borrows its overall design from the concept. The dash and major components are all identical to the Z Proto. The production car has muted some of its color and trim versus the pizzazz of the Z Proto, but generally there are no major changes here either. The interior shot also shows off a Z with an automatic transmission, which features the same electronic gear selector found in many new Nissan products.

Enthusiasts need not worry, Nissan has already promised there will be a manual transmission option.

While we now know what the new Z car looks like, there’s still a lot left to learn. The final name of the car is still unknown, but it is widely believed to be 400Z. The powertrain of the car still unofficial, but many speculate the 400Z will have the 400 horsepower twin-turbo V-6 from the Infiniti Red Sport.