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Infiniti To Launch Electric Sports Car By 2020

Infiniti To Launch Electric Sports Car By 2020

Infiniti brand chief Roland Krueger tells AutoCar the brand will have an electric performance car by 2020. The proclamation puts an end to the long-thought limbo that Infiniti has appeared to be in when it comes to leveraging electrification.

Krueger went so far as to confirm that prototypes of the car already exist and that he’s personally driven them, calling it “very good.”

While it’s highly subjective as to what that really means, he does claim the car will uphold Infiniti’s values of performance and handling.

Despite parent company Nissan’s early entrance into the electric vehicle game with the Leaf over six years ago, Infiniti has oddly avoided entering the EV market. Back in 2012 Infiniti revealed the LE concept car, which was powered by the Leaf’s electric propulsion system. The LE was supposed to head to market a year later, but never showed up.

Infiniti stated that its electric car plans were shelved due to products with higher priority. Basically, the brand was focused on revitalizing its volume products, something that was very necessary back in that time period. Speculation also arose that Infiniti was holding out for battery technology to improve versus using the (at the time) aging technology from the Leaf.

Chatter surrounding an Infiniti EV began to bubble up again last October when Krueger stated he felt an EV was critical to the brand’s success in China. At the time he claimed the brand could develop an EV product “very quickly” if they felt it viable.

Apparently the viability has been seen as it sounds like Infiniti will have an EV to market by 2020.


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