A redesigned Infiniti QX60 has been in the works awhile, but Infiniti is now offering additional details. Infiniti has released a few official photos of the new QX60 in camouflage and confirmed the new SUV’s power options.

The new QX60 has been developed alongside the redesigned 2022 Nissan Pathfinder. So expect the overall size and feel of the redesigned QX60 to feel somewhat similar to that of its platform mate. That said, Infiniti has already confirmed one big variance between the Pathfinder and QX60. The QX60 will feature 295 horsepower from a 3.5-liter V-6, up from 284 in the Nissan. We will also note that the current QX60 offers the same power from the same V-6.

Infiniti says the V-6’s power will flow through a new nine-speed automatic transmission supplied from ZF. This will replace the CVT found in the 2020 QX60 and likely offer a material improvement for buyers.

Photos released by Infiniti showcase a design theme that echos that of the QX60 Monograph Concept revealed last fall. This comes as no surprise since Infiniti said the showcar was a preview of the next QX60. This means there’s a large upright grille, slim headlights and vertical slats in the lower front fascia. The overall body shape also appears to mirror the Monograph, though the production car does have traditional door handles.

Given its close ties to the new Pathfinder, expect some of its interior goodies to trickle over to the QX60. This includes things like a 12.3-inch gauge cluster display, while the Infiniti will likely see an infotainment display larger than the Nissan’s nine-incher.

Infiniti has been testing the redesigned QX60 here in the United States to ensure it is optimized for U.S. roads. This includes testing in extreme conditions, such as in Death Valley, California.