First Nissan teased the 2022 Nissan Pathfinder, now the Frontier. Both new Nissans are slated for reveal this Thursday, so it comes as no surprise the teasers continue to drop. Today’s teaser gives us our first official glimpse at the redesigned Frontier.

The six-second clip gives us a small glimpse at the new truck. The most interesting look is at the grille, which is completely blacked out. Additionally, “Frontier” is embossed in the plastic at the top of the grille, while the Nissan logo is vertically off-center. The new face is certainly bolder than the current Frontier, which comes as no shock. Though the truck in the photos is a PRO-4X model, so other trims will likely have a unique grille appearance.

A quick view of the cab and bed also appears in the video. This particular view doesn’t tell us much, but the PRO-4X badge is visible on the side of the bed. A new LED taillight is also in the frame. Lastly, new black wheels with a red Nissan badge on the center cap are also shown slogging through the sand.

All said, this video shows us enough to validate that the 2022 Frontier will be a significant design improvement over today’s. Given the current Frontier has been largely unchanged for over a decade now, the bar is quite low.