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2018 Nissan Leaf Leaks Out Again

2018 Nissan Leaf Leaks Out Again

Nissan just can’t keep the 2018 Leaf covered. This time a Twitter user has tweeted (and deleted) photos straight from the Nissan factory floor in Oppama, Japan. The shots showcase a completely naked Leaf, confirming a new angular design that’s already been officially previewed by Nissan.

One thing is fairly clear from the fuzzy photos: the Nissan Leaf is completely shedding its frumpy looking design of today. The new one is far more angular, borrowing design cues from other recent Nissan products and the Micra Concept. Trendy accents such as a floating roofline are also in tow.

The new Leaf’s design is also heavily influenced by aerodynamics. Nissan says the new Leaf is lift-free, which greatly reduces aero drag on the car, meaning it will require less juice to propel this electric car forward. The slippery exterior will combine with multiple lithium-ion battery pack capacities to yield a range reportedly up to 340 miles per charge.

In addition to significantly more electric range, the new Leaf will launch the latest iteration of Nissan Pro-Pilot, the company’s semi-autonomous driving functionality. The Leaf will ultimately be the brand’s most autonomous vehicle when it launches next year.

Nissan is slated to reveal the 2018 Leaf on September 6th.


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