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Report: Mercedes-Benz A Class Will Offer Two PHEV Variants

Report: Mercedes-Benz A Class Will Offer Two PHEV Variants

Mercedes-Benz is banking heavily on its upcoming new A Class. The luxury brand is also investing heavily in electrification, which is expected to yield at least two new variants of the A Class series.

A new report–citing internal Mercedes documents–suggests there will be two plug-in hybrid variants of the A Class. The documents are so detailed that even the names are disclosed, which will be the A220e 4Matic and A250e 4Matic.

Both variants are expected to utilize a 1.3-liter four-cylinder gas engine as the basis; likely one co-developed between Mercedes parent Daimler and French automaker Renault. Despite the same engine, the A220e is expected to have around 136 horsepower while the A250e will offer 163 horsepower from the same engine. Both variants will add another 90 horsepower thanks to an electric motor.

It’s unclear what kind of performance target Mercedes has in mind for the plug-in hybrids. It’s also not entirely clear why the company will offer two versions that are obviously quite similar on paper. On theory is that the less powerful model will be offered in some markets at a cheaper price point. Regardless of the market, Mercedes will be competing with the upcoming Audi A3 e-Tron.

While Mercedes clearly has plans for hybridized A Class variants, the company has stated it has no plans for a fully-electric version of the A Class. That said, Mercedes has confirmed the EQ A hatchback will be the brand’s second fully-electric model, which will be based on the same MFA2 platform as the A Class.




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    That's the way the market is going specially for luxury cars. Don't have any type of electricity? Prepare to be left behind.
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