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Report: 2019 Mercedes-AMG A45 Will Have Over 400 HP

Report: 2019 Mercedes-AMG A45 Will Have Over 400 HP

More and more details surrounding the upcoming all-new Mercedes-Benz A Class lineup continue to trickle out. Now, further information regarding the 2019 Mercedes-AMG A45 are coming to the surface thanks to a report from AutoCar. The publication is reporting that the next A45 will generate over 400 horsepower when it goes on sale in early 2019.

We already know the new A Class line will feature new versions of Mercedes’ four-cylinder engines, which will include 1.6-liter and 2.0-liter displacements. The next A45 is said to keep its 2.0-liter displacement, though the crankcase and cylinder heads have been swapped out along with other revisions that will churn out over 400 horsepower. Today’s A45 generates a healthy 376 horsepower.

Insiders at AMG’s Affalterbach HQ have also confirmed the new engine will feature around 20 more foot-pounds of torque and maintain its traditional exhaust gas-driven turbocharger – at least initially. Rumors are surfacing that AMG is working on an A45 that will feature a 48-volt electric system to power an electrically-driven turbocharger on the new 2.0-liter. The company already uses a 48-volt electric system on the new S Class and is largely expected to trickle it down to the rest of the Mercedes lineup in the coming years.

In addition to higher power, the report is also stating that the new A45 will feature unique chassis attributes versus the pedestrian A Class. The all-wheel-drive architecture is based on Mercedes’ new MFA architecture. A new dual-clutch nine-speed automatic is slated to round out the mechanical fundamentals on the car.

Just in case the new A45 ends up being too much car for some, the AMG folks are also planning a lower-level AMG variant of the new A Class. Confirming earlier reports, the lower-level car is expected to have over 300 horsepower from the 2.0-liter engine and will be positioned to compete with Volkswagen Golf R and Ford Focus RS.

Meanwhile, expect the new A45 to have the BMW M2 and Audi RS3 in its crosshairs. Both cars are rumored to be the main motivators for Mercedes-AMG to up its game with the new A45.



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    I Iike this, but is seems very Audi RS3-like. If it were my money, I'd just get the Golf R or Focus RS and call it a day!
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