The reveal of the 2022 Mercedes-Benz C Class is just days away, but the wait to see the new look is over now. Photos of the redesigned luxury sedan have leaked online, showing off a rather predictable new look for one of Mercedes’ anchor models.

Photos of the redesigned C Class were published on The Automobilist Facebook page. The origin of the photos is unclear, but they do appear to be official press shots from Mercedes-Benz. They also show off a sedan with a design that aligns with that of many recent spy shots of the car.

Predictably, the new C Class is borrowing most of its design cues from the redesigned 2021 S Class. Mercedes is keeping with its tried and true tactic of trickling down designs (and features) from the coveted S Class to the lesser models. This means the front fascia has been cleaned up with slimmer headlights and grille shaped with more intention. Around back the C Class almost looks like a larger version of the A Class rear design with cleaner lamps and overall less shaping than the outgoing C Class. Naturally, the sheet metal has also been smoothed out to the point one could plausibly say its uninspiring.

Like the S Class, the big news here is the interior. The 2022 C Class will forklift most of its interior design from the new S Class as well. The ultra-modern interior design will feature a massive tablet-like touchscreen in the center of the dash, while a secondary display rests in the gauge cluster area. Despite sharing the technical bits, the C Class does have unique HVAC vents and a sportier steering wheel design than the S Class.

While the design of the W206 C Class is no longer a mystery, what powers it is still slightly unknown. Mercedes has confirmed four-cylinder engines will exclusively power this C Class, but the details of these powertrains will have to wait until the car’s reveal later this week.