Mercedes-Benz’s electric vehicle lineup is expected to grow further in 2022. The German luxury brand is nearly the launch of two new SUV models, the EQS and EQE SUV’s. The two models will share many components with the sedan counterparts of which they share their names.

Citing sources inside Mercedes, AutoCar reports the two SUVs are being jointly developed as one program. The joint effort makes a lot of sense given both models are built on Mercedes’ EVA architecture, the same architecture underpinning the EQS and EQE sedans. Mercedes allegedly has a goal to launch the two new SUVs within six months of each other, critical given the brand’s lofty electrification goals. Both models are expected to launch in some markets by the end of 2022.

Insiders report the EQS SUV will be powered by a 108-kWh lithium ion battery pack and two electric motors. Meanwhile, the smaller EQE SUV will allegedly feature a 90.6-kWh battery with a single or dual motor option. Of course, a dual motor model would be badged 4Matic, the brand’s all-wheel-drive system.

Expect the design of both SUVs to be very fluid like the EQS and EQE sedans. This design theme is also paying technical dividends in the form of aerodynamics. The recent Concept Mercedes-Maybach EQS SUV likely offers a very real preview of at least the EQS SUV’s design theme. Expect a production Maybach version of the EQS SUV at some point, but not at the EQS’ initial launch.

The report also cites one insider who alleges the EQS SUV will “set a new standard” for Mercedes interiors. Given Mercedes’ track-record when it comes to sharing interior components across its range, it seems very likely both SUVs will feature the MBUX Hyperscreen.

Both electric SUVs will ultimately be produced at Mercedes-Benz’s Tuscaloosa, Alabama assembly plant for North America.